Big Al & the Heavyweights

FRI 9/14 BIG AL & THE HEAVYWEIGHTS – 9:30 PM (smoke free)

Big Al & the Heavyweights featuring Big Al,Harmonica Red, James Bass,Dean Galatas. All you have to know about these guys is the fanatical following of “Gumbo Heads” that numbers in the thousands. They drive hundreds of miles to get a serving of Big Al and the Heavyweights musical gumbo. You see, Big Al and the Heavyweights is an unconventional original music band that hails from New Orleans, LA. Why Big Al himself is from The Big Easy. That is where he grew up, surrounded by the sounds of New Orleans music – Jazz, Blues, Zydeco, Cajun, Rock, and Swamp Pop. It is these influences that make Heavyweight music so accessible and fun.

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