SAT 10/27 – SUPERCHARGER – 9:30 PM (smoke free)

Supercharger calls the Northshore home but frequently performs at festivals, major events and night clubs across the Gulf South region. Supercharger performs a variety of songs spanning the past 30+ years of music. Led on stage by Brent Graham’s soaring vocals, Steve Landon’s screaming guitar, Mike Schoultz’s thunderous drums and the pounding bass of Jason Boyles, it’s just something you’ve gotta experience! If you haven’t seen Supercharger perform live, then do yourself a favor and check us out the next time we’re in your area. Don’t forget to hit us up on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter for juicy info about the band… See ya at the next show! ROCK ON!!


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Johnny Sansone Band

FRI 9/28 JOHNNY SANSONE BAND – 9:30 PM (smoke free)

Johnny Sansone was born in Orange, New Jersey. His father was a schoolteacher, and played saxophone. “I was about eight years old when I started taking saxophone lessons and understanding music,” he says. “I also know that an alto saxophone was almost as big as I was, and I had to carry it to school every day, and I thought, hmmm, I don’t know about this.” What persuaded the younger Sansone to follow his father’s example is a version of a scene straight out of Audrey Hepburn’s classic film Sabrina. “He ran a swim club, and they used to have these parties, and they’d bring in bands. The guy up the street was a sax player, and they had a band called the Wakinians. I never got to go with him to any clubs or anything, but these pool parties, they’d have all the tiki lights and scotch bottles on all the tables, and all these people going nuts over a Louis Jordan or Louis Prima tune. I’d climb up a tree and watch this and be amazed that at how my father would just walk out there, and he could dance and he could play, and it was pretty cool.”

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Big Daddy-O New Revue

 SAT 9/22 – BIG DADDY-O NEW REVUE – 9:30 PM (smoke free)

“ Big Daddy ‘O’ is an engaging presence on Stage. His large frame supports an even larger voice that pulsates from a powerful shout down to a beautiful whisper. For more than thirty years Big Daddy ‘O’ has been playing in roadhouses and bars in the delta area near the Louisiana/Mississippi border. Rabadash Records “discovered” Big Daddy ‘O’ playing at Betty’s Bar in Amite, Louisiana at the turn of the century. Now a decade and 3 critically acclaimed CD’s later Big Daddy ‘O’ is finally reaching a national audience. His approach to performing songs makes each song sound like his own, and everyone who has the pleasure of hearing him loves his big beautiful voice and good-natured presentation. He performs as a solo with his acoustic guitar custom made for him by guitar Luthier, Scott Quiroz in San Diego, or with a full hard hitting Blues Band demonstrating his considerable blues chops on his 1969 Les Paul Deluxe. The last decade has seen Big Daddy ‘O’ perform from Hawaii to Florida, Seattle to New Hampshire on Large stages and intimate clubs, he is universally loved by his audience wherever he plays. Airplay on over 300 radio stations around the world, including nationally syndicated shows. Big Daddy ‘O’ has been featured on Dan Aykroyd’s House of Blues Radio Network Reaching # 4 above Eric Clapton on that network for the Year 2008.

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Invisible Cowboy Duo


Invisible Cowboy’s sound is best labeled as Alternative-Country. They never sought to relocate and never lost their rock n’ roll, southern roots from the bayou. Born and raised in Hammond, Louisiana, they’ve put out music for 14 years just because. They were named as a “Daily Demo” by WXPN in Philadelphia’s World Café airing around the world on Public Radio International, out of thousands of submissions and the producers’ search for the best unsigned bands in the country. They’ve played the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. They’ve appeared at New Orleans market TV, radio and pro-sports game performances. They’ve been sponsored by Bud-Light. They’ve supported Slash’s Snakepit, The John Doe Thing, Whiskey Town (Ryan Adam’s first band), and The Amazing Rhythm Aces among others. They’ve even entertained their share of major label interest.

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Big Al & the Heavyweights

FRI 9/14 BIG AL & THE HEAVYWEIGHTS – 9:30 PM (smoke free)

Big Al & the Heavyweights featuring Big Al,Harmonica Red, James Bass,Dean Galatas. All you have to know about these guys is the fanatical following of “Gumbo Heads” that numbers in the thousands. They drive hundreds of miles to get a serving of Big Al and the Heavyweights musical gumbo. You see, Big Al and the Heavyweights is an unconventional original music band that hails from New Orleans, LA. Why Big Al himself is from The Big Easy. That is where he grew up, surrounded by the sounds of New Orleans music – Jazz, Blues, Zydeco, Cajun, Rock, and Swamp Pop. It is these influences that make Heavyweight music so accessible and fun.

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Danny Bonds & High String Revival

FRI 9/7 – DANNY BONDS & HIGH STRING REVIVAL – 9:30 PM (smoke free)

Bottoms Up

 SAT 9/8 – BOTTOMS UP – 9:30 PM (smoke free)

Bottoms Up is a cover band that performs Top 40 rock n roll party songs from the 60′s through to today. With an extensive set list covering: Bon Jovi, Def Leopard, John Cougar, The Black Crowes, Journey and many others. This band entertains everyone! Bottoms Up has performed all over the Gulf South playing festivals, clubs, colleges, Greek events, corporate events, and casino’s. When you have a party and you need the band to rock, Bottoms Up ROCKS!

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The Boogie Men

 FRI 8/31 – THE BOOGIE MEN – 9:30 PM (smoke free)

The Boogie Men are a versatile 9-piece dance band, powered by a horn section capable of performing for any type of occasion. Their wide variety of musical styles range from the “big band era” to the most current popular songs, and everything in between.

The Boogie Men add a touch of class to any party or function. They specialize in performing at weddings, conventions, parties, clubs and festivals. The Boogie Men have performed at the Bacchus Rendevous, the Mandeville Seafood Festival and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival to name only a few.

A female vocalist is also available for hire at the client’s request, which adds to an already diverse songlist the band is able to play.

The Boogie Men have been providing quality entertainment in and around the New Orleans area since 1994. No gimmicks, just good music.

The Boogie Men are truly “New Orleans’ Premier Horn Powered Dance Band.”

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Austin Sicard and The Medics


Members-Jim Brown – Vocals, bass/ Austin Sicard – Guitar, vocals/ Marc Holzenthal – drums ..

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Beth McKee Band

FRI 8/17 – BETH MCKEE BAND – 9:30 PM (smoke free)

Beth McKee has lived through the South from Mississippi to New Orleans, through Florida and Texas, and has known both the joys and hard times that are necessary to create great music. She has lived through and triumphed over the trials of life, and sings of it all to her audience in a shared but newly-discovered language. Accented by the sounds of Louisiana and the blues, R&B and the swamp, her voice reaches audiences from all backgrounds and times, yet always in the same places in the soul.

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